Five Years of Art

A huge part of Western North Carolina’s identity is tied to the incredible artistic talent that can be found here. From sculptors and painters to photographers and wood turners (not to mention all of the musicians!), there is a plethora … Continue reading

Prohibited Items

Since 9-11, a lot of things have changed in the aviation world. Perhaps the most notable transformation was the introduction of the Transportation Security Administration at security checkpoints nationwide. Our TSA agents work hard to keep us safe as we … Continue reading

The Only Person in the Airport Who Hopes Your Flight is Delayed

That’s right. Out of the 100+ people who work in, around, and for the Asheville Regional Airport, there’s only one who secretly hopes your flight is delayed. We sat down with Todd Levick, General Manager of our own Blue Ridge … Continue reading

AVL’s Runway 5k

It’s one thing to plan a massive, precedent-demolishing event for eight months and then watch it unfold before your eyes as members of our very own Western North Carolina community descend upon the airport by the hundreds to take part … Continue reading

Why yes, we DID exfoliate our runway…

Unless you’re in the aviation industry, “runway rejuvenation” might sound like a term to describe a day at the spa for a high-fashion runway model before the next big show. And actually, that’s not too far off. For an airport, … Continue reading

Vision Departs AVL

You may have heard recently that Vision Airlines has decided to suspend service from AVL as of today. Yes, it’s true, although it’s not unexpected. When Vision Airlines—new to commercial aviation—began serving AVL in the spring of this year, we … Continue reading

Runway 5k + Healthy Fun Day

A few months ago an airport staff member asked one simple question: “Hey, why don’t we hold a runway run?” What started as a spark in the mind of a genius airport staffer has become the event of the year … Continue reading


Fifty Years and Still in Love

Today is the big day — we are celebrating fifty years! When we realized 2011 was going to be the airport’s 50th year, a question emerged: Is this a birthday or an anniversary? Birthdays, we concluded, honor the one who is celebrating. Anniversaries, … Continue reading

History Exhibit Sneak Peek

We’re working like mad to pull together the most unique exhibit the airport Art Gallery has ever seen, and you’re about to get a sneak peek. Opening Tuesday, June 7th, the exhibit features the history of the Asheville Regional Airport … Continue reading

Our New Favorite Channel

Allow us to introduce you to our favorite new TV channel. Actually, it’s not a channel at all, but rather a unique collection of content designed to give you—the airline passenger—information specific to your travel destination (or layover location) while … Continue reading