Passenger Rights

Last week’s announcement by the Department of Transportation regarding airline passenger rights was chock full of good news for travelers. The new regulations—which take effect in August—not only make air travel easier, but also provide solutions for a few common-sense … Continue reading

Spring defines spring like this: “the season between winter and summer.” Really? That’s it? Because it sure seems like it deserves a little more credit than simply an “in-between season.” Spring, from what we understand, is the season 96% of … Continue reading

Photo Friday!

It’s photo Friday at AVL and we found some fun stuff in our new restaurant and gift shop, Blue Ridge Trading + Tavern. Check it out! Grab and go newspapers… Mmm… pastries! Dozens of books. (Speaking of reading, check out … Continue reading


Blue Ridge Trading + Tavern

Stepping through the security checkpoint at Asheville Regional Airport now not only means you’re that much closer to boarding your flight, but you’re also about twenty five steps from an incredible new restaurant, bar, and gift shop that opened just … Continue reading

Look Who’s Turning 50!

We’re probably going to talk about this quite a bit throughout 2011 because we just can’t believe we’re celebrating 50 years. When the airport opened back in 1961, it was small but effective, and was a welcome addition to our … Continue reading

AVL Goes Mobile

Along with our new website launch, we’re thrilled to also unveil a mobile site for your Droid, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device! With a slick user interface, our new mobile site (which loads automatically when you enter into … Continue reading

Taking the Easy Way Out

Welcome, traveler! We’re so glad you’ve found your way to our new-and-improved site dedicated to helping you take the easy way out. Odds are you’ve done a little exploring and stumbled upon this blog, perhaps with the question, “What could … Continue reading