Sponsorship Request

Asheville Regional Airport is proud to support community events and organizations in Western North Carolina and receives many requests to do so each year.

Because AVL is funded in part by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are restrictions on use of airport funds as they relate to sponsorships and marketing.

Our Sponsorship Directive may help you determine whether your event or organization is eligible to receive support, either financial or in-kind sponsorship.* After reviewing the directive, please complete the form below to submit your sponsorship request. Please note that limited funds are available in comparison with the number of requests received. We are almost always able to provide small door prizes or other giveaway items for eligible events, while supplies last.

A Note About Airline Tickets

There is a common misperception that the airport has a supply of airline tickets to give out, or that we receive discounts on airline tickets. Typically, we purchase airline tickets just as you do.

Fill out the Sponsorship Request Form