Going Through Security

  • Have your boarding pass and valid government-issued photo ID ready to show the TSA agent (children under 18 are not required to show ID).
  • Be prepared to remove your shoes, coat, cell phone, loose change and any large pieces of metal from your person.
  • All of the above items, plus any carry-on items (such as a purse, backpack or similar), will need to go through the X-ray scanner.
  • If you’re traveling with a laptop, you will need to remove the laptop from its case and place it in a bin provided by the TSA.
  • Camera film with a speed of 1000 or higher, as well as X-ray films, should not go through the X-ray machine. You may request a hand-screening of these items at the checkpoint.
  • If you packed a 1-quart bag of liquids/gels, you will need to remove it from your carry-on and place it in a TSA bin.
  • Please note that TSA agents are not permitted to move travelers ahead in line, so be sure to plan plenty of time to get through security.
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