The Authority employs 60 staff members in the areas of Finance, Administration, IT, Development, Marketing, Operations, and Public Safety.

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Executive Director

Lew Bleiweis

Executive Director

Lew S. Bleiweis, A.A.E., has over 20 years experience in the aviation industry with the majority of his time focused on airport management, including areas of properties, operations, maintenance, purchasing, and risk management.

Prior to Mr. Bleiweis’ relocation to Asheville, he served as the Director of Properties for the Louisville Regional Airport Authority, Louisville, Kentucky. He joined the Louisville Regional Airport Authority in 1999 as Properties Manager and was then promoted to Director of Technical Services.

Prior to that time, Mr. Bleiweis held several positions with the Kansas City Aviation Department, Kansas City, Missouri and the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission, Roanoke Virginia.

Mr. Bleiweis has served on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Airport Executives, and has also served as the President of the Southeast Chapter – American Association of Airport Executives. He is an Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) by the American Association of Airport Executives, and he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Business Administration/Airport Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Executive Assistant to the Director

Ellen Heywood

Executive Assistant to the Director

Fax: 828-684-3404

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13231

Deputy Executive Director, Development + Operations

Michael A. Reisman

Deputy Executive Director, Development + Operations

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13253

Rita Yanz

Development Coordinator

Phone: 828-684-2226x13252


Suzie Baker

Director of Administration

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13233


Hazel Jones

Accounting Coordinator II

Phone: 828-684-2226 x16212

Richael Barthels

Accounting Coordinator I

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13251

Information Technology

Royce Holden

Director of Information Technology

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13240

Cortez Johnson

Network Engineer

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13250

Kellie Whittemore

Information Technology Coordinator

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13740

Marketing and Public Relations

Tina Kinsey

Director of Marketing, Public Relations + Air Service

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13238

No Picture Available

Alexandra Bradley

Marketing + PR Specialist

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13236

David King

Guest Services Supervisor

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13663

Operations and Maintenance

David Nantz

Director of Operations + Maintenance

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13232

Sherman Stark

Operations Supervisor

Phone: 828-684-2226 x16214

Wendi Sparks

Operations Specialist

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13731

Daniela Lajos

Operations Specialist

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13748

Ron Mundy

Maintenance Supervisor

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13249

Laura Mikkonen

Custodial Coordinator

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13752

Public Safety

Kevan Smith

Public Safety Chief

Phone: 828-684-2226 x13241