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Emergency training exercise May 28

Asheville Regional Airport, in conjunction with local Emergency Medical Services, fire departments, and hospital systems, will be conducting an emergency training exercise Thursday morning, May 28. 

This exercise is designed to simulate an aircraft incident with injured passengers and crew, and will initiate at the airport. Airport staff will walk through their emergency response, which will include working with area emergency organizations. The airport has a 24/7 Public Safety Department (police and fire) that is tasked with responding to all emergencies on the airport. The department works and trains with area law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies on a regular basis. The simulated event will also expand to area hospitals, and all involved will practice emergency response within the National Incident Management System, also known as NIMS.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires the airport to exercise its emergency plan at least once every three years. This exercise meets that requirement and allows the airport to partner with area hospitals to meet their individual requirements. By practicing these types of scenarios, the airport is better prepared should an actual event take place.

It should be noted that passers-by near the airport may notice many emergency vehicles in response mode, a controlled fire that will be used in the training, and other such activity.

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