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Asheville Regional Airport urging passengers to arrive two hours before flights

May 21, 2015

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Asheville Regional Airport urging passengers to arrive two hours before flights

(Asheville, N.C. )  Asheville Regional Airport is busier than ever, having served a record number of annual passengers in 2014 and still growing.  And not only are there more people traveling, the airlines are flying larger planes, which means there are more people at the airport at the same time.  It is important that western North Carolina air travelers remember to arrive the recommended two hours before flights.

“We hear people say how they love to fly from AVL because they can park, check-in and go through security in a very short period of time,” said Tina Kinsey, spokesperson at Asheville Regional Airport.  “While this is sometimes the case, passengers should understand that they may arrive at the airport and find a very long line at security.  Longer lines are happening, and passengers seem surprised that they have to wait.  So, we’re reaching out to educate and help our local passengers be better prepared.”

Passengers are responsible to understand their airline’s rules, and are encouraged to check the rules before traveling.  Each airline posts their rules and “frequently asked questions” on their websites.  All airlines enforce minimum check-in times – most often no later than 30-45 minutes before departure – in order to allow for baggage processing, security procedures and to help ensure on-time flight departures. 

Passengers should plan time to drive to the airport (understanding that traffic delays could occur), time to park and walk to the terminal, time to check-in or check bags, time to wait in the security screening line and go through security, and time to walk to the gate and prepare for boarding.  “We encourage passengers to also plan some buffer in their timeline,” said Kinsey.  “It’s much better to arrive early, have everything go quickly and smoothly, and then have some time to relax, eat a meal, and have a stress-free experience.”

Traveling from Asheville Regional Airport is still one of the easiest airport experiences available, and the airport staff is committed to doing their part to make the travel experience positive.  There is easy, close-by parking, an easy-to-navigate one-level terminal, friendly staff, free wifi, a business center, charging stations, food, beverages, a retail store, rocking chairs and runway views.   

“We do everything we can to provide excellent customer service,” said Kinsey.  “But passengers should understand that airlines will not hold flights for travelers who are running late, or who are stuck in a long security screening line.”  Also, it is against Transportation Security Administration rules to cut ahead of another passenger in the security screening line.

“The best advice we can give is to remember the two-hour rule,” said Kinsey.  “Once you’ve reserved your airline ticket, go ahead and subtract two hours from the departure time.  That’s when you should arrive at the airport.”


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