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#AVLTravelSmartAVL is committed to following best practices to protect the travelers of WNC.  Thank you for also doing your part and educating yourself about what to expect so we can all  #travelsmart.  Together, we can enhance the health and safety of everyone involved in the travel journey.

Here's what to expect at the airport

  • ENHANCED CLEANING PROCEDURES - Enhanced and frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces in public areas (including counters, handrails, elevator buttons, seating, doors and other such surfaces).  The new procedures include use of electrostatic sprayers to disinfect large surface areas.
  • FACE COVERINGS - North Carolina requires use of face coverings in public places, including in the airport.  All staff, passengers and visitors are required to wear masks while in the airport.  A complimentary supply of cloth masks are available in Guest Services for passengers/guests who do not have one.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Watch for social distancing markers and signs in passenger queuing areas, including ticket counter lines, security screening, gate areas, restaurants and jet bridges.  Airport seating areas have been reconfigured to promote social distancing, so please keep at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others outside of your travel group.
  • PLASTIC SHIELDS - Acrylic “sneeze guard” shields have been installed at all public counters.
  • HAND SANITIZING STATIONS - These stations are located in high-traffic areas throughout the airport.
  • LIMITED ENTRY TO THE AIRPORT TERMINAL – Entry to the airport is now limited to passengers, visitors who must assist a passenger, those doing business at the airport, and employees.  Those dropping off or picking up passengers should stay in their vehicles, and may use the complimentary Cell Phone Lot to await arriving passengers (or other paid lots, if preferred).
  • EDUCATION - Signage, overhead announcements and other communication strategies are in place to help all guests maneuver the travel journey as safely as possible.





If you are traveling, and are concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 virus on your trip, please consult the CDC for useful information: LEARN MORE >

You also need to check restrictions that may be in place in your final destination city/state.  FIND STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT WEBSITES HERE>

Please note:  The U.S. Department of State has implemented some international travel bans.  LEARN MORE > 

For more information on the COVID-19 virus:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  LEARN MORE >
Local information:  Buncombe Ready: COVID-19  LEARN MORE >