ATTENTION:  Arrive at least two hours before your flight's boarding time.

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Uber & Lyft have resumed service at AVL

Pick up area located north of the terminal

The Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority (GARAA) is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached to return rideshare services to the airport.  The airport is in the process of amending its ground transportation operating procedures to allow rideshare companies to pick up in a designated pick up area.  Uber and Lyft have agreed to this operating requirement and have resumed operations in the interim until the final changes have been made.

"We have been working diligently with rideshare organizations to establish a mutually agreeable solution at the airport that would be equitable for all," said Lew Bleiweis, GARAA Executive Director.  "Travelers prefer ground transportation choices, and the Authority is pleased that a solution has been established that is returning more choice of ground transportation providers at the airport."
"We are pleased to announce with the Asheville Regional Airport that we have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement and are thrilled to be resuming operations. We are looking forward to building off this partnership to provide great service to all of those looking for affordable, reliable transportation options to or from the airport," said Michael Black, Uber Technologies, Inc. General Manager. 
"As our airport continues to grow, it is our obligation to manage ground transportation in a responsible manner," said Bleiweis.  "Our goal is to remove vehicular traffic from the front curb to improve safety for all travelers; and we are required to administer equitable procedures with all ground transportation providers - whether they are taxis, shuttles, limos or rideshare.  The new changes to our procedures will help us accomplish this safety measure, and also provide a suitable pick-up area for rideshare drivers."
The rideshare pick-up area is located past the north end of the airport terminal. The pick-up area for all other ground transportation (taxis, for-hire and shuttles) is located at the south end of the airport terminal, near baggage claim.  All ground transportation providers pay operating fees.