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Changes to handicapped parking being made at AVL

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) has changed its handicapped parking offering.  Handicapped parking spaces have been redistributed and are now located in all three paid parking areas at the airport:  Hourly, Daily and Garage parking.  Additionally, the rate structure has been updated and instead of one flat rate for handicapped parking, parking fees are now associated with the lot in which spaces are located.

These changes go into effect November 1, 2020.

All parking at the airport is “Credit Card Only,” and customers pay upon exit from the parking area at unmanned toll booth kiosks, where credit card readers are located.

For many years, the airport charged a flat rate for all handicapped parking, regardless of location of the parking spaces.  Because of the operational change at the airport to unmanned parking toll booths at the exits, manual adjustments to pricing can no longer be made.  In order to maintain a lowest-cost option for handicapped customers, spaces close to the terminal in the Daily Lot have been designated as handicapped parking. 

More information, including rates and a parking map, can be found at