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Introducing our new website!

We know you, AVL website visitor.  We know that when you visit our airport website, you come with a utilitarian purpose.  Usually – you are here to check the status of a flight.  Is the arrival or departure still on time?  If not, how delayed will the plane be? We also know that you often play with a fun gizmo on our website called “Flight Tracker” – you know, it’s the map that shows where the airplanes are located in real time. You sometimes access our Frequently Asked Questions, or check flight schedules or rates for flights at our booking site. Yes, these are the most frequently accessed areas of our website – and now they look refreshed, brighter, and redesigned. Our new website has all the information you are accustomed to accessing, but we’ve also added to it in ways that we hope enhance your experience with AVL.  We invite you to take a look!   The Social Hub We’ve added a Social Hub. (Get it?  “Hub?” Aviation terminology…) When you click on “Social Hub” (found in the main menu), you will be taken to an interactive area of the site where you can get “social” with us.  Take a look!  We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.  We always have some kind of contest in the works – we love to give away AVL gear, gift cards to local restaurants and stores, and sometimes even airline tickets!  You never know what kind of crazy fun we’ll have up our sleeves. The Social Hub is also where you’ll find information about art and music in the airport.  The artistic vibe of western North Carolina is such a huge part of the local culture, and we are always looking for ways to include a piece of that culture in the airport for passengers and visitors to enjoy.  Artists and musicians in our area are invited to become a part of our Art+Music in the Airport program. You can also “Make Your Connection” (again, aviation terminology intended!).  We invite you to share your feedback, take our survey or join our loyalty program.   Community Connection A new page on our website highlights different ways your local airport connects with the community.  We are a big part of western North Carolina, and take our role as an economic anchor organization seriously.  We partner with numerous economic development organizations, as well as Chambers of Commerce.  We engage with local aviation organizations, and also sponsor events that allow us to reach our regional travelers with information about the airport.   The Easy Way.  That’s us. With our website redesign, our goal was to make the information you need easy to find and easy to read – and all design choices were made with this in mind.  We’ve also incorporated design elements that provide color contrast, meta descriptions and font choices that make navigation of our site easier for visually impaired visitors. Additionally, this new site is a “responsive” website.  That means the content will change its look and orientation for easy viewing depending upon the device used to access the site (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet).  The size of the screen and its orientation (landscape or portrait) will determine the layout you see.  The most robust and full view of the website will always be on a computer screen. Thanks for taking a minute to visit our new site.  We hope you’ll connect with us, too.  And, as always, thank you for checking AVL first when planning your next trip!