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Travel tips from Asheville Regional Airport

Leverage the power of your smart phone!

We all have a very powerful assistant in the palm of our hands.  Our cell phones can be used wisely in a number of ways when traveling.

  1. Before your trip, email an itinerary to yourself, including all addresses, phone numbers and directions.
  2. Take photos of your luggage and the tracking tag – just in case it gets lost.
  3. Download books, movies and music to enjoy while on your journey.
  4.  Use it as a GPS to find your way around.
  5.  It is your clock – automatically adjusting to any new time zones.
  6. Stay in touch with those at home – most cell phones work around the globe.  You may have to do a little research about this ahead of time.  Worst case scenario, use wifi and free texting or messaging apps.
  7. Your phone is your alarm clock.
  8. You can use it to access the internet while on your journey.
  9. It is your camera equipment – photos and videos.  Did you know you can download video editing apps to make quick and easy vlogs about your trip?
  10. Do you need translation services?  There are many apps for that!
  11. You can even send postcards right from your phone – there are fun apps for that, as well, that allow you to snap a picture, choose a postcard template, type a message, and mail to anyone with the touch of a button.
    How do you use your smart phone when you travel?  Contact us and let us know – we can update our tips list … probably from a phone.

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