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Spring defines spring like this: “the season between winter and summer.” Really? That’s it? Because it sure seems like it deserves a little more credit than simply an “in-between season.” Spring, from what we understand, is the season 96% of the population just can’t wait for (based on absolutely no empirical data but on the comments routinely heard around the airport, i.e. “Ugh, is it SPRING yet?!”). Spring carries with it not only warmer weather and the emergence of hibernating creatures and plant life, but also an energy all its own that motivates us humans to emerge from hibernation as well—to pry ourselves from our HDTVs and couch clothes and propel us into gardening gear, jogging suits and—we have to say it—airplanes! Spring fever, defined by the same source as a “…restless feeling commonly associated with the beginning of spring,” is in full-swing. And much like the groundhogs and black bears we’ve begun to see here in Western North Carolina (a few groundhogs have already been spotted at the airport exit off I-26), new airlines and flights are springing to life as well. Just yesterday we welcomed a new airline—Vision—with a ceremonial water arch (because watering things in the spring helps them grow?) which can fly you from Asheville to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, in just over an hour and just under $90 each way. Bursting on the scene this spring is also the return of AirTran’s popular (and low cost!) non-stop flight to Tampa, Florida, PLUS new service to Philadelphia on US Airways. And in late spring, American Airlines is returning with service to Dallas/Ft. Worth. So get outside, get your lawn chores done, and then book yourself a little vacation. Let’s give spring the credit it deserves and make the most of this beautiful season!