REMINDER:  Arrive to the airport at least two hours prior to your flight's departure.

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When you fly home, you're home: Top 10 reasons to Fly4Biz from AVL


We’ve got some serious air warriors out there – travelers we see every Monday, and welcome home at the end of each week.  You’re working hard around the globe, and banking some serious mileage!

Some business travelers fly less frequently, so we may not know you by name (yet) – but we sure would like to.  We believe there are excellent benefits to designating Asheville Regional Airport as your airport of choice for your business travel, and here are the “top ten” on our list!


Reason #10 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  We’ve got your last-minute business services covered

From mailing, faxing and printing services, recharge stations throughout the airport, and free WiFi – we know you may need to take care of a few things before you board the plane.

Reason #9 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  Parking is just steps away from check-in

With numerous parking options – including a lot across the street with 24/7 shuttle service directly to and from the front door of the terminal, you can step from your car and be in the terminal in a matter of minutes.

Reason #8 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  Airlines offer dual-class service, catering to business travelers

AVL is served by three legacy airlines that have excellent products designed just for business travelers. Learn more about business services:  American | Delta | United.  Of particular note, flights from AVL often have dual-class (first-class or business-class) service offered.

Reason #7 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  You can relax

AVL is designed to provide a relaxing, easy experience before and after you board your plane.  Enjoy a quiet corner in a rocking chair, or hang out at the bar overlooking the runway in the Blue Ridge Tavern where there are always local brews on tap.  You may want to wander through the Art Gallery where works by local artists are displayed, or if you’re lucky – you’ll be in the terminal during one of the “Music on the Fly” pop-up concerts by local musicians, sponsored by

Reason #6 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  Easy security lines

Yes, we advise all travelers to arrive two hours before their flights.  That’s just prudent traveling.  However, our TSA security lines are typically short … and when they do get long, the process is efficient.  And if you’re a TSA Pre-check customer, you can enjoy expedited screening at AVL.  While there is not a dedicated Pre-check screening line, you won’t have to remove your shoes, belts or jackets before screening.

Reason #5 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  We strive to know you by name

The courteous airline, TSA and restaurant staff provide excellent customer service.  We often hear from frequent business travelers that they love being greeted by name – that this small gesture makes them feel at home.  That’s our goal, because you ARE at home.  AVL is your hometown airport, and we’re proud of the service offered.

Reason #4 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  When you “fly local,” the whole region benefits

The presence of a vibrant airport significantly contributes to the economy.  Because AVL is here, there are 1,700 jobs in our community, and the economic impact to the region is more than half a billion dollars annually.  So, we always ask travelers to “check AVL first” for all of their air travel needs  High utilization leads to a stronger airport.  And guess what?  Travelers ARE flying from AVL – we’ve experienced record-setting years of passenger growth.  Thank you.  We hope to welcome you back to the airport again soon!

Reason #3 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  We’re a gateway to the world, usually with one easy connection

In 2013, AVL was named the “best connected” regional airport in America by MIT’s International Center for Air Transportation.  Among airports our size, in communities like ours, AVL offers frequent daily connectivity on three legacy airlines via major international hubs (American, Delta and United).  Additionally, AVL has point-to-point non-stop service to some key east coast leisure destinations on Allegiant.

Reason #2 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  There’s no road trip before your business trip

When you travel for business, doesn’t it feel good to get to the airport, go through security and then just begin the air travel process?  Instead of spending an hour or two in the car first, you can hop on a plane to your connecting airport, and then use any layover time to prepare for your business meeting, read, catch up on emails or have a bite to eat.  There’s no major traffic (ok, we admit – I-26 could be backed up due to never-ending construction, but that’s just life in WNC), and you know that your airport experience will most likely be pretty easy.  (You might even be greeted by name.)

Reason #1 to Fly4Biz from AVL:  When you fly home, you’re home.

Business travel is necessary, sometimes exciting (sometimes not), and can be exhausting.  When you’re done with the work at hand, we know you start thinking about home.  You want to be there.  Relaxing in your chair.  Hiking on your favorite trail on the Parkway.  Hanging out at your favorite brewery on the South Slope in Asheville, or just sleeping in your own bed.  So, when you fly AVL for your business trips – the ease works in reverse.  When you land, you see the mountains around you and sigh.  HOME.  You walk off the plane – grab your bag, and in moments, you are to your car.  Maybe you stop along Airport Road to grab some groceries, or perhaps you get a text to meet your husband for dinner at Biltmore Park (you can meet there in ten minutes).  SIGH.  That’s the best.  Welcome home.

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